Who is Miila?

About me

I am a 41-year-old adolescent health specialist from Helsinki.

My vision for Finland, Europe and for all the world is that everyone is given the chance to be the best version of themselves.

Welcome to my site!

I am a Licentiate of Medicine, and graduated as a medical doctor 16 years ago in Oulu. I am one of the first Finnish adolescent health specialists, and a founding member of  the Finnish Association for Adolescent Medicine.

I work as a medical expert for Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland. I also answer questions in the youth magazine Demi, and have a regular column in the Finnish Medical Journal.

Until December 2018 I was a City Councillor in Kerava, and the Chairperson of the city’s Committee for Leisure and Welfare.

Through my work with the youth I have seen how inequality is growing in Finland – not everyone gets the same chance in life for health and well-being. Already from early childhood the opportunities for a healthy life are unequal. This should not be so.

I believe in an equal society that is free of discrimination. Everyone should have the chance to a good life, regardless of their starting point. Wealth and poverty are often inherited, but with for example good and inclusive early childhood education, primary school, vocational school and a good quality health care system it’s possible to reduce inequality.

I am a candidate in the European elections. Read more about my campaign themes here

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